Hey hey all you fangirls or fanboys who obsess over band guys! this is a fan page for guys from indie and alternative bands! as soon as I can get my laptop fixed it will become a full thirst page where you can submit fics, pictures, or whatever! feel free to make requests in my ask and as soon as I get things set up I will tend to them! Get as crazy as you want because there is no shame here



so my friend and I should be updating some stuff soon do you gys have any suggestions/requests? i shall be publishing my Jay fic soon as soon as I can finish it and i’ll take any other requests as well. thanks guys :)


Anonymous asked
A long one that has also lovemaking in it would be nice lol

Okay. I’ll definitely get on it! First one should be out soon :)

Anonymous asked
do a jay fanfic please, no one submits to jaythirst anymore

I know! i was a reader of all the jay fics! any specific thing you want? :) 


SO. I may write a bit of smut later if anyone would like to make a request on who it’s with, what they’d like in it and what not. Ask away! 


So yeah I’ve been busy with school lately, besides other stuff, but I’m back now, so request some stuff guys! Also to the person who requested the previous thing I’m on it!

Anonymous asked
Hey, I was just wondering if this blog was active? Or if you've just had a lot of requests?

Yeah! Sorry I’ve just been busy with my school/I took this blog off my app and I don’t get notified for it but I am still here! :)

Anonymous asked
Yeah as opposed to smut cause I know it can be harder to write, but I'm taking what I can get haha

Okay! I’ll see what I can do. If nobody submits anything by tonight I’ll write one myself :)